You come home, your cat isn’t home like he/she usually is, what to do?


Real time tracking - As long as the tracker is outside with GPS signal, and has mobile reception. You'll always get an update of it's current approximate location.


Alerts and reports from the palm of your hand - Our free app means you can check where your cat or dog has been. While also be alerted if they've gone too far


No Subscription fees, period. Well not from us anyways. Each tracker comes with a Vodafone Prepay SIM. You pay $20 to top it up, once a year, thats it!

So What Are The Benefits?

Too many to list, but let’s just say, we’ve helped thousands of customers find their bundle of joy. 


Tracks worldwide

There is no limits to how far the Petrek GPS and 3G units can track. As long as there is mobile reception, and GPS reception (outdoor) you’re good to go!


GeoFence alerts

Draw a circle round your property and get alerted as soon as your bundle of joy decides to go for an surprise adventure. (Minimum is 100m due to GPS/Google Map inaccuracies in some areas )


Low battery alerts

The Petrek units can last from 7 hours and up to 3 days+ on a quick 1 hour charge. This depends on the update frequencies that you select. However, you’ll always be alerted to charge the battery so you’ll be kept on top of things!

Want to know more?

Visit our Petrek website below, everything you need to know will be in the products page. Be sure to read the “Fine prints” because yes, it’s important!