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Lintek Tracking Solutions is a 100% New Zealand owned company that provides world class leading technology when it comes to Tracking and Digital Vehicle Recording (DVR) devices. Our goal is to provide Solutions for all your Tracking needs utilising GPS, IoT and Radio Frequency Technology. We have developed four major brands that cover the needs of our customers when it comes to tracking, injury prevention and full vehicle data recording. Due to this, our continued specialisation in the sector since 2010′ have made us one of the largest NZTA Approved camera suppliers and the only AA Approved camera supplier in the market. Our Petrek and Livetrek brand is also the longest serving app based GPS tracking product to date and continue to expand. 

So What Makes Us Different?


We can turn your ideas into production


Knowledge and experience with the latest technology


We can customise our current products to suit your needs

With our vast knowledge and experience in developing products by utilising the latest GPS & RF Tech we were able to work on amazing projects. This included tracking penguins in the Otago Peninsula to helping Unitec with their cat research program in Auckland with our Petrek 3G units. Because we design our own products, it also means we can modify them to suit certain projects. 

GPS & RF Technology doesn’t just stop at tracking, it can be used to benefit many different fields. For example our SafeTrek series is designed to prevent serious injuries and increase safety at work places and environments.  We also use the same technology on shopping trolleys as well to help decrease shopping trolleys from moving too far out of malls and supermarkets. 

Lintek products and designs can be found in retail stores around the world and used by major corporations.

Our TaxiTrek cameras can be found in over 60% of taxis nationwide, in Gobus fleets and Government transport fleets. While our Eyesecure GPS cameras are used nationwide in AA Driving school fleets, Envirowaste trucks and Air NZ forklifts just to name a few. 

Our new range of LiveTrek devices showcases our desire to turn more idea into reality. The LiveTrek Guardian for example is the world’s first frame bolted GPS tracker made not only for anti-theft but also accident alerts that can report directly to loved ones at home. 

This is why at Lintek, we mean it when we say, “You name it, We track it!”

Want us to turn your idea into a reality?