The most versatile app based GPS Tracking range in the market


Hardwired options for a stealth install in powered devices or vehicles.


Self-powered mobile trackers with a magnetic base allowing you to attach under trailers and any non-powered utilities.


Bolt-on self powered safety and anti-theft trackers for bikes, e-scooters, toolboxes and much more.


We’re sure you can already think of many, but here’s more.


Long Lasting Battery

Up to 3 weeks on a single charge. (Based on 1-2 hours of movement a day such as a boat trailer)


Personal Or Business Use

You can use our LiveTrek trackers to track almost anything whether it’s powered or not.


Added Safety

LiveTrek devices has a built in emergency button and an accident alert feature to alert loved ones to send help. 

All LiveTrek trackers require Mobile reception and GPS reception (Outdoor) to work.  

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