GPS Tracking

Lintek provides a number of GPS Tracking solutions for personal and business uses. But we can also customise to suit. All our GPS trackers run on GSM networks.


Personal trackers are quite an customised item because every individual wears them differently. While some like it on a belt, some are happy with it in a bag. We have had our Petrek 3G units customised to fit on belts or our larger Livetrek Sentinels left inside bags. Talk to us and we can give you the best solution suited for your cared ones. 


Lintek created the Petrek brand in 2010 as a simple RF based proximity and short range tracker. Today we have created over 3 generations of trackers and have become the oldest pet tracking brand in the market. R&D’ed in New Zealand we are the biggest supplier of pet trackers in the Oceania region. All our pet trackers are app based, meaning no monthly subscription fees. 


We have a range of trackers to suit, whether it’s magnetic, bolt on or hardwired you can count on us finding a solution for your business requirements. For example we were approached by builders in regards to their toolboxes being stolen from building sites. So we created a bolt-on self powered GPS tracker with motion alarm for theft alerts. This product is now called the Livetrek Guardian. 

Personal items/hobbies

Have a expensive bike? E-scooter? or a rather expensive ride on lawn mower? Our Livetrek GPS Trackers are so versatile they can keep an eye on your prized assets by a touch of a button on your smart phone, anytime, anywhere. 

Solar/Battery pack powered

All our trackers can be customised and increased with larger power packs or even solar power panels to suit requirements. You’ll just need to talk to us on what they are going onto and how much protection they are required and we’ll be able to fix something up for you.  

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