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Telematic Monitoring

Want to make sure your employee isn't driving under the influence of alcohol? Need to make sure nobody else but your employee can drive the vehicle? Have to make sure the temperature sensitive chemicals in your truck stays at a safe temperature? We monitor more than you can imagine. LT200_Component Our telematics monitoring is nothing short of amazing, we currently have a list of devices to suit your business or personal needs. With our GeoTrek platform, we can track down anything from measuring your temperature sensitive dangerous goods right down to whether an employee is driving under the influence of alcohol. At Lintek, we believe technology can help improve the world we live in. A driver or an employee driving under the influence of alcohol can cause life threatening situations to the innocent. A criminal stealing a truck with highly sensitive material can also cause threatening situations. Therefore at Lintek, we have a solution for each situation. Our GPS alcohol breathalyser can insure that a person under the influence of alcohol will not be able to start up a vehicle, while our GPS Facial recognition or finger print system can make sure that even if a criminal has the keys, he won't be able to drive the vehicle away. The telemetric solutions we provide can improve your business's image, efficiency and safety. As we provide many types of telemetric monitoring devices including data collecting, SOS buttons and RFID please check our Telematics Applications page for more details to what solutions we can provide.


  • Safety - for employees and families
  • Efficiency
  • Company image
  • Cost saving - stolen goods from trucks etc
  • SOS alarm - times of emergency
  • Real time monitoring to meet OSH standards
  • Proof sensitive goods were delivered at the proper temperature
  • Proof of delivery with recorded data