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Solar Power GPS

A world first, keeps your goods tracked, even if it’s not powered. The environmentally friendly way of tracking your goods. Solar_webpic So what happens if you want to track an asset that does not have built in battery and is on the move? Lintek’s answers this with one of the world’s first solar powered GPS. The LiveTrek S2 solar powered tracker provides you environmentally friendly way in tracking your assets. But that's not all, with its built-in Geo-Fencing system it will also alert you when your cargo has gone out of area. Moreover, if your boat or ATV quad bike is fitted with a LiveTrek S2 and happens to unfortunately flip over, the built-in G-Force sensor will detect and immediately send a distress signal to alert the allocated cellphone number. So Finding Heavy machineries right down to stolen vehicles that may have its battery flat or disconnected can be a little easier now with Lintek’s LiveTrek LT-S2.


  • Green company image
  • Reduce chance of tracking units running out of power
  • Track assets running without any power source