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Telematics Monitoring

Our Telematics Monitoring range is unique, click in and see what range of devices  Lintek's LiveTrek LT-200 can use to monitor at your Company's benefit.

  • Alcahol Breathalyser - Make sure your employee do not drink drive.
  • Barcode Scanner - Scan delivered & received goods to report back to base in real time.
  • Data Collector - Collect Data about anything and everything to send back to base.
  • Facial Recognition System - Make sure no one but the authorised person can operate the vehicle only.
  • Fingerprint ID - Another way to make sure only an authorised person can operate the vehicle
  • LCD Display - our Message exchange display, for taxis and fleet dispatching.
  • Relay - Immobilizing anythingt from engine to automatic doors.
  • RFID - Attach one onto each of your trailers so the RFID Reader can detect/read which trailer/unit you have attached to your vehicle.
  • RFID Reader - Read/Detect RFID
  • Status Indicator/Controller - Easily notify head office, arrival at shop 1, shop 2, and shop 3.
  • SOS Panic Button - Send off a distres signal to allcaoted cellphone via SMS or alert Head office via GeoTrek online platform.
  • Tyre Pressure sensor - Easily keep an eye on your truck's tyres.
  • Ultrasonic Sensor - Detect any movement and be notified real time via SMS or GeoTrek online platform

Lintek can customise for your business or personal needs. So if there is an Telematic application we do not have or if you have any questions regarding our Telematic applications feel free to contact us.

We will bend over backwards to make it happen for you or your business.


  • Safety - for employees and families
  • Efficiency
  • Company image
  • Cost saving - stolen goods from trucks etc
  • SOS alarm - times of emergency
  • Real time monitoring to meet OSH standards
  • Proof for sensitive goods that were delivered at the proper temperature
  • Proof of delivery with recorded data