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LiveTrek LT-200

Lintek LiveTrek LT-200 is Lintek's flagship live GPS Vehicle tracker. Unlike the LT-100, the LT-200 allows you to log into Lintek's GeoTrek platform anytime to check on all your vehicles. Where they are moving, how fast they are going, or where they are parked. However these are only the basic functions as the LT-200 does tracks beyond one's imagination.

The LT-200 is more than your average Vehicle GPS tracker, like any other GPS Trackers in the market, it has Geo-Fencing, Over-Speed alert, Tow Alert, and Intrusion Alert all able to be sent via SMS to the allocated Cellphone numbers. On top of it all, the LT-200 also acts as a full fleet management system coupled with our GeoTrek online platform that tells you when each vehicles WOF, Registration, Service, mileage or even Driver licenses are about to expire.

However, this is where it all gets interesting. With it's I/O interface, the amount of applications you can use to track every single little thing makes the LT-200 a leader in it's class.  Applications include making sure your employees drive sober on the job with Lintek's GPS Alcahol Breathalyer or even a GPS Facial Recognition Systems insuring that your Vehicle with dangerous goods do not get driven by anyone but the allocated driver.

There are many other applications available from Data collection, Barcode scanning to SOS alerts that allows your vehicle to send a SMS message to alert the allocated cellphone number in case of an emergercy. Lastly, the LT-200 has builtin buffers that records down all the areas the vehicle has driven even if there are no GSM reception in the area making sure that as soon as there is reception our GeoTrek database will get updated to show it's past paths.

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  • Makes sure all employees drive legally
  • Cost effective – employee will have more time to do other tasks
  • Vehicles stay under warranty – vehicle serviced within the mileage set by the warranty book
  • Reports of mileages, where they mostly drive
  • Makes sure vehicles do not get driven out of area
  • Notifies when a vehicle is near to give time for preparation w/ POI
  • Eliminate unwanted fines – expired WOF
  • Increase efficiency, productivity & Safety
  • Allows you to track more than just it's movements