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SafeTrek LT-P1

Hubby missing on a fishing trip? Loved ones with medical problems? The Lintek IntellTrac LT-P1 is more than a personal GPS tracker. With it's built in microphone, G-Force/Shock sensor, man-down alert,  SOS button, Geo-fencing, IP65 certified waterproof casing and 3 number preset memory for emergency calling, this little tracker packs a punch, a big one that is.

Two tracking options are available with GPRS real time tracking (Monthly fee applies) or casual text tracking allowing you to call the LT-P1 whenever you need to and within seconds receive a reply with the location via google map link.

The LT-P1 was specially designed and tested by the NZ Navy Guards.



The IntelliTrac LT-P1 may look like just another small GPS personal tracker which only tracks. However, looks can be deceiving, the LT-P1 is a world class GPS tracker using high grade i-blox components with builtin G-Force/shock sensor that works perfectly for people with medical problems or people that are in high risk situations. This is because if one happens to get hit or fall it triggers the sensor and sends an SOS alarm within seconds to alert of an possible accident. At the same time it would also send a google map link of the location of the accident.

On the other hand, with it's builtin microphone and three present numbers the LT-P1  can dial the preset numbers and call for help, while the number that picks up will be able to hear whatever is going on. This is particularly useful if the event of an kidnapping does occur. However, a simple SOS button can also send locations to either the phones or the online monitoring server.

Lastly, Geo-Fencing is a GPS function that you only see in rather expensive vehicle tracking devices, this is where LT-P1 finishes up packing the punch.With Geo-Fencing, for example, if a patient is not suppose to go out of a certain area, you can set it to alert you if the situation occurs.

  • SOS alert by txt and location
  • SOS alert by calling with builtin microphone
  • SOS alert by way of G-Force sensor, falls, crashes etc
  • Geo-Fencing alerts to inform you of area breaches
  • Easily send a SMS to get a location feedback