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LiveTrek LT-100

Got a vehicle, motorbike, ride-on lawn mowers or a fleet of rentals? Don't need all that unnecessary monthly payment and just want to know where your asset is directly from your mobile? Well here is a easy solution for you.

Introducing Lintek's LiveTrek LT-100, Lintek's basic GPS real time tracker. Made specially for personal and business use without the on-going monthly costs. This unit is the perfect tracker where you get charged only when you want to know where your vehicle, bike, ride-on lawn mower or digger is, so the only cost would be 12cents per text depending on your network provider.

The LiveTrek LT-100 is a simple real time tracker that sends you Google map coordinates to your phone only when you require it.

On the other hand, this is more than just a basic GPS tracker, if your vehicle has an car alarm that gets triggered, you will get a warning text almost immediately to alert you of a possible car intrusion. Furthermore, ever lost your keys or locked it in the vehicle? No worries, send the right text code to the LiveTrek LT-100 and your vehicle will automatically unlock. (Optional, requires relay)

If you manage to forget where you parked your car, you could also send a text and activate the siren or horn in your car to give you an idea where your car is. 

But what if someone steals your car? Simply send the right text code and you will be able to disable your vehicle, bike, lawn mower, or even your whole fleet of vehicles allowing you to then send the Police.

In simple terms, You can track, be alerted when vehicle has been intruded, unlock your vehicle if needed, activate your car alarm siren/horn by text and disable the vehicle from it's next engine start up by simply sending a text.

So next time your vehicle gets stolen or if your rental vehcile is not returned, you can easily find out where it is, make sure it cannot go anywhere in a hurry and retrieve your pride and joy with ease.

Unit also comes with a Backup battery adapter so if your vehicle has been stolen with the battery disconnected you will be able to still have a chance of tracking your pride and joy down.

*Note: Lintek and any of it's retailers does not take any responsibility if any a stolen vehicle cannot be found. The LiveTrek LT-100 is made to help you have more chance of finding your vehicle or asset but not a guarantee as there is too many factors that can cause the tracker not to work.

*Note2: The LiveTrek LT-100 only works with 2degrees sim cards.(Not included)

*Note3: Text to unlock and engine disabling functions requires extra relays, please talk to your Lintek authorised dealer or retailer to discuss.

The Fine Print: - Conditions :
Can be used with any phone - for best results use a smartphone with Google maps and internet connection. The LiveTrek LT-100 uses a GSM chip and works best with the 2degrees card provided. Only Vodafone, 2degrees and Skinny network phones can read the texts from the tracker, no refunds will be issued if your telecom phones do not read texts from the tracker. It's your responsibility to ensure the 2degrees card provided is activated, it's also recommended that you setup an account so you can make sure there is credit so the LiveTrek LT-100 works properly. You're responsible for all charges from the 2degrees sim card - the only ongoing cost of the tracker is the texts.

Lintek takes no responsibility if you’re unable to track your stolen car as there are too many factors. The LiveTrek LT-100 will only work and reply if there is GSM Reception, GPS signal (clear sight of sky above), credit on the sim card, and power connected. Alarm intrusion alert only works if your alarm has a output trigger, however in most cases when batteries are disconnected you'll get a text alert instantly.

Lintek do not condone the disabling function to be wired in any way that allows the vehicle to lose control - such as fuel cut etc. as it may cause the vehicle to lose control unexpectedly.

All trackers come with a backup 9V battery case. Batteries sold separately.

All trackers come a 1 relay switch for either the disabling or unlocking function, for both functions you can purchase more from the installer. Not all vehicles can have all options installed, enquire to find what can be done to your vehicle. Using disabling or unlock functions without a relay will void warranty.

Visit the our retailers page for installation quotes & booking in your area. All installations from Lintek Authorised agents include a 12 month return to base warranty, other installations are 3 mths. Requires proof of purchase and installation.

Product Demo
  • Prevent car loss by way of theft
  • Unlock vehicle without keys
  • Real time tracking from your mobile phone
  • Disable vehicle via mobile phone
  • Easily help any company retrieve unreturned vehicles
  • Activate Horn/Siren via text to help you navigate your lost car