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KeyFinder LT-720BT

Ever left your keys, mobilephone or even a bag at a public place like a cafe before? Only to realise too late after it's been taken along with all your address book, years of photos, and personal information? This is where Lintek's MiniTrek iReminder series can save you from those inconvenient times!

Lintek’s iReminder LT-720BT is made especially for iPhone users who value their iPhones and keys.
Using Bluetooth 4.0 technology this is a world first device that uses an application we made that allows you to use keys to find your phone, or your phone to find your keys. At the same time it is also a proximity alarm making sure when you are out and about you have a peace of mind about your keys in your bag or pocket.

If the key or the phone is left behind, you can configure the iReminder to remind you if you have left your keys or phone behind. If in a situation where you have dropped your keys and you did not hear the alarm go off, the phone will also on Google map show you the last location of your keys before losing connection..

Note: Only phones with Bluetooth 4.0 such as the iPhone4s, iPhone5 and newer Android devices will be compatible with the iReminder bluetooth series.
Android app to be launched early 2014, will work with Android 4.3 or above only

Please contact us for more details.

Product Demo
  • One of a kind, co-designed in New Zealand
  • Helps keep a third eye on your phone and keys
  • Give you peace of mind when it comes to your personal belongings
  • Reduce stress if you lose your keys, bag or iPhone
  • Tells you the last location of where you might have left it
  • Tracking function to help you track down both keys and your iPhone
  • Keep your Keys and iPhone together