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TaxiTrek T1

The Lintek TaxiTrek T1 is New Zealand's most popular NZTA Approved Taxi Security Camera used in over 14 Regions nationwide. The success is thanks to all the inputs and feedbacks given by all the Taxi Companies that Lintek had talked to while in the design phase.

Lintek's TaxiTrek T1 is not just a NZTA approved Taxi camera that just meets the criteria. We wanted a camera system that was future proofed in order to save Taxi companies some long term costs and we started this by doing extensive research in countries that required compulsory security cameras in Taxis.
While there was a lot of findings and features that we added into the TaxiTrek T1 the two main features that set us apart from the competitors was our recording storage time and built-in microphone. The NZTA requirments say that a securtiy camera must keep at least 168 hours of image material which is roughly a week. We found that in most cases when a complaint is made and by the time it is actioned by the Police or the company it is normally already over a week which mean't the footage was most likely gone.
Lintek's TaxiTrek T1 keeps up to 1680 hours of storage and in some cases even up to 6 months. This is astonishing and has been praised by many of Lintek's clients. Best of all, the TaxiTrek T1 is also one of the only security camera systems around that records at 30 frames per second where as majority of the competitors record at 1 frame per second. This means that when an incident occurs, Lintek's camera will get 29 more movements then any of it's compettitors within that one second.

Lintek, being very strict on it's quality, also made sure that only certified and vigirously tested parts were used. The main TaxiTrek T1 unit runs on a Toshiba transport hard drive made to last through the vibrations while Sony camera lens are used to give out clear 620 TV line resolution.

All TaxiTrek T1 units go though strict international IEC 68-2-27 shock test not to mention heat chamber, eletromagnetic, and environmental chamber tests.
It is no suprise that the TaxiTrek T1 is used everywhere in New Zealand, as it was build to last through our Summer and Winter seasons to keep the Taxi drivers safe and to help catch all offenders.

Installation can be done for any type of vehicle, vehicles with third row seats require a second camera lens.

Product Demo

Lintek's TaxiTrek T1 was featured on 3News while being installed in Wellington's largest Taxi fleet.

  • Safer environment for both driver and passengers
  • Catch criminals
  • Give drivers a better peace of mind
  • Catch fare runners
  • Capture incidents
  • Identify passengers in question
  • Captures evidence for rear end accidents
  • Solve complaints made from up to 6 months ago
  • Record conversations, no more he say she say