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Petrek LT-902

Ever been in a situation where you take your beloved pet for a stroll only to be distracted and find out your beloved pet is no where to be seen? Or pet jumped the fence while you're watching the news? Worse yet, forgot to shut the door and realise 30min later your beloved pet is gone?




Lintek's Petrek LT-902 is a Radio Frequency based tracker. It consists of a tracker for the owner and a transmitter that easily attaches onto the pet's collar.

The LT-902 is a newer version of the Original Petrek LT-901. It is smaller in size and has swarovski crystals on the Transmitter made to look good on smaller dogs or cats and give the "bling" factor. The new Petrek LT-902 tracker now includes vibration motor builtin into the alarm function to give you extra awareness when needed.

With two distance alert detection settings you are able to set the alerting distance at either 25m or 50m's. (+- 10m depending on surrounding terrain)
When the pet wanders up to the selected distance alert setting, the owner will get a warning alarm alerting them to pay attention to their beloved pet.

If in the unfortunate case of losing sight of your pet, the tracker can track your Pet down to a range of "up to" 200m by showing the strongest transmitter signal as you point in different directions giving you a high chance of going towards the right direction in tracking your pet down.

The transmitter on the pet's collar also produces a warning bell when out of sight. This is popular with overseas dog trainers to train dogs to stop and sit when their collar sounds the alarm.

Note/Important:Tracking range can vary depending on surrounding environment. Concrete walls, Aluminium sheets etc can cause interference on Radio Frequency signals. In most cases the best way to track down your pet with the LT-902 is by sound coming from the transmitter. This tracker is designed to prevent your pet from going too far. Lintek does not take any responsibility if your pet is lost and is not found with any of our trackers. The LT-902 is to help customers keep an third eye on their pets and alert them before the pet wanders too far.

Product now discontinued, go to our Petrek Website for our latest Pet trackers!

- Prevents Pet Loss by Alerting the owner

- Help you track down your pets before its too late

- Directional tracking to give you an idea which direction to go

- Water Splash Resistant Case for outdoor activities

- Sleep Mode for longer battery life- Easily attaches to most collars including a velcra strap for larger collar fittings 

- Swarovski Crystals on Transmitter

- 2.4GHZ Digital RF technology with 65535 codes - Operating Temp : 0-60 degrees  Celsius.

- Humidity : 90%RH

- No Radiation