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Petrek PetFinder Multi

Would you like to be alerted if one of your pet left your immediate vicinity? What if both or even 4 of your pets left?  With the all new PetFinder Multi, you can track up to 4 pets with a tracking radius of up to 500 metres, that’s half a kilometer!Lintek’s new PetFinder Multi is a new Radio Frequency based tracker. It is the second smallest tracker in the range at just 12 grams. A single remote unit is capable of tracking up to 4 tags.Our PetFinder Multi comes with a remote unit and 2 tags. You then have the option of purchasing an extra tag or 2 for multi pet homes. Tracking your pets has never been easier.

Note:  Main packaging tag units come in cyan and red.

The PetFinder Multi consists of a remote unit for the owner and 2 transmitter tags that easily attach onto your pets collars via a specially designed water splash proof silicone case. (One tag per pet)With proximity alarm as a standard feature you will be alerted before your pet strays too far. In the unfortunate case of losing sight of your pet, the PetFinder Multi can help track your pet down within a range of up to 500 metres. When searching for your lost pet, simply start walking around the areas you feel your pet might have wandered to and allow the PetFinder Multi remote unit to help you walk the right direction.

The closer you get to your pet, the faster and higher pitched the PetFinder Multi remote will sound while a green light will flash if it detects a strong direct location signal. If you are out of range, simply keep walking at different areas, if within the 500m range it will re-connect to give you an idea of which direction your pet might be.The remote unit offers you one simple button which you can press to track your pet. Or switch to mute on the remote and find your pet by the subtle beeps coming from the tag on their collar when they are out of sight or hidden.

For ordering and mroe information, go to our Petrek website.

Product Demo

  • Detect location of  your pets or even kids(s)    
  • Be alerted when your pet wanders off
  • Peace of mind when out and about/3rd eye for your pet(s)
  • Prevent missing pets
  • Perfect usage for malls, beaches, farms and even your own home!
  • Alerting distance can be set to the preferred setting