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Introducing Lintek's GeoTrek Online Tracking Platform used to work seamlessly with the LiveTrek LT-200, LT-S2 & the SafeTrek LT-500.(Optional)

The GeoTrek is not your average online tracking platform that just tracks where your goods are. Like many other Lintek products, it does much more than you can imagine.

One of the many beneficial features is it's extensive reports that you can easily export into many format, including excel and csv files. Depending on the
Telematic Applications that are connected to the LiveTrek LT-200 the reports GeoTrek can produce to help your business run more efficiently is limitless.

However, even if the
LT-200 is running without any extra optional applications you can still generate endless reports such as finding out how many times each vehicle has been out of the Geo-Fencing zone, over speeding,  time length of the engine running, mileage, WOF expiry dates and even how many times each car has been towed.

On top of it all, the GeoTrek acts like a full fleet management system as well which will notify you when your warrant of fitness, registration, service or even driver's license for each individual is due to help you run your business more efficiently. On the other hand if the
LT-200 is fitted with a LCD display you can easily send messages with the GeoTrek to notify the driver of a job near his area. 
If a status keypad controller was also fitted, a simple press of a button can notify GeoTrek of the time and date of when Car A was in Shop B, and Driver D was in Car C to make it more efficient for the office to find out when the situation is needed.

Lastly, the GeoTrek acts like a main control centre for your fleet when coupled with a cellular phone. For example, if relays are fitted in a truck that freights dangerous goods and has been stolen. The truck's engine can easily be disabled by a SMS message while same can be done for the automated cargo door to stop the the theft of the dangerous goods.

The GeoTrek has too many features to list, so if there are specific questions you would like to ask that will help your business's needs please do not hesitate to
contact us.