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LiveTrek LT-S2

So what happens if you want to track something with no power source such as a cargo container? Lintek's LiveTrek S2 is the answer to your problems. However, it does do more than just your average tracking, a lot more that is.

The LiveTrek LT-S2 is Lintek's World first Solar powered tracker. Based on the SafeTrek LT-500 it is an function packed tracker but with a difference, it does not need a proper power supply.

This is extremely beneficial for the likes of Cargos, trailers, boats and even quad bikes as it is also water resistant.

Like the SafeTrek LT-500 it has builtin Geo-Fencing, G-Force/Shock sensor but also has builtin Anti-Gravity sensor that detects when the LT-S2 goes upside down or towards a rather dangerous angle. This will prompt the LT-S2 to send off an an distress signal either via SMS to the allocated cellphone number or the online GeoTrek platform. Of course, at the same time the locations will be sent as well so if the situation becomes a race against time, help will be dispatched as soon as possible.

Lastly, the LT-S2, has a highly intelligent sleep mode to help save power. If no movement is detected it will remain in battery saving sleep mode. One very popular use for this is by placing the LT-S2 on certain mountains/areas used to detect earthquakes. Once a movement is detected, you can set the LT-S2 to send a alert to notify you of where an earthquake was detected.

This is why, Lintek's SafeTrek LT-S2 is trully an amazing GPS device that is one of a kind.

  • Safety
  • Asset protection
  • Environmental friendly
  • Easy installaton no need for wirings and cables
  • No power supply issues
  • Can track via internet ready cellphone or computer
  • Report on earthquakr prone areas