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Wi-Leash Ever been in a situation where you take your child or pet out for a casual walk only to turn... KeyFinder LT-720BTEver left your keys, mobilephone or even a bag at a public place like a cafe before? Only to realise too late after it's been taken alo... LiveTrek LT-200Lintek LiveTrek LT-200 is Lintek's flagship live GPS Vehicle tracker. Unlike the LT-100, the LT-200 allows you to log into Lintek's GeoTrek&... Telematics MonitoringOur Telematics Monitoring range is unique, click in and see what range of devices  Lintek's LiveTrek LT-200 can use to monitor at your Company's ... LiveTrek LT-S2So what happens if you want to track something with no power source such as a cargo container? Lintek's LiveTrek S2 is the answer to yo... LiveTrek LT-100Got a vehicle, motorbike, ride-on lawn mowers or a fleet of rentals? Don't need all that unnecessary monthly payment and just want to k... GeoTrekIntroducing Lintek's GeoTrek Online Tracking Platform used to work seamlessly with the LiveTrek LT-200, LT-S2 & the SafeTrek LT-500.(Opt... Petrek PetFinder MultiWould you like to be alerted if one of your pet left your immediate vicinity? What if both or even 4 of your pets left?  With the all new PetFi... Petrek LT-902Ever been in a situation where you take your beloved pet for a stroll only to be distracted and find out your beloved pet is no where to be seen? Or&n... TaxiTrek T1 The Lintek TaxiTrek T1 is New Zealand's most popular NZTA Approved Taxi Security Camera us... SafeTrek LT-P1Hubby missing on a fishing trip? Loved ones with medical problems? The Lintek IntellTrac LT-P1 is more than a personal GPS tracker. With it'... EyeSecure LT-325 The Lintek EyeSecure LT-325 is an affordable dual lens GPS Camera with the worlds first dual USB integration t...