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  Media Release: All new iPet App for Petrek GPS 2015-03-02


Media Release:

Brand new significantly improved class-leading updates for Petrek GPS Available Soon

Petrek, run by 100% New Zealand owned tracking company Lintek Tracking Solutions Ltd. announces a significantly improved and more user friendly app for its best-selling tracking device, Petrek GPS.
The new and free ‘iPet’ app which is available for both iOS and Android devices has the ability to extend Petrek GPS tracker’s battery life drastically, providing up to 8 days of battery life on one 30min charge.
Not only do pet owners get timed and instant updates on where their pets are, they can also create a virtual fence around the pet’s location. The new Geo-Fencing option can now alert owners on their mobiles as soon as their pets step out of the safe zone without using any extra power.  The virtual fencing be easily set on the app by creating a boundary around the house and the size can be adjusted accordingly to the owner’s preference.


“Users can use the proximity alarm without worrying about draining their cell phone batteries now unlike previous apps. This will alert our users instantly when their pets leave their houses and they can get directions to their pets’ location at their fingertips via Google Map navigation even telling you how long you’d get there with the current traffic” says Eric Lin, managing director of Lintek Tracking Solutions Ltd. “Thanks to the many feedbacks from our customers, we realized our tracker can do much more than preventing pet loss. Many pet owners expressed that they are also very curious about where their pets like to go when there’s no one around, so we decided to add a function that shows where their pets like to hang out the most,” explains Lin. Heat Map calculates your pets’ visiting time and frequencies at different locations and can display them in different colours to represent the time your pet has spent there.


Another big improvement is that the app can detect whether the pet is indoor or outdoor. “When your pet is hiding somewhere inside the house and the signal is poor, the location on the map will not be as accurate, so this new signal strength function can let owners know that their pets might just be hiding behind the curtains,” says Lin.

Lintek Tracking Solutions Ltd has spent the past five years developing trackers that are practical and affordable for Kiwis. It began from selling a radio-frequency tracker that could track within a 100m range to its current best seller Petrek GPS that can track anyone or anything around the world.

The Petrek team is currently working towards finalizing the app and the expected launch day is within the next month. However, current Petrek GPS users using a Android device can ask to be upgraded and become the first to trial the new App free of charge.

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