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  Lintek M1-The first portable/magnetic Tracker 2012-12-07

At Lintek we are known to be one of the most advanced tracking solutions companies in the region.

This is simply because we focus on coming up with new ideas and putting that idea into action with our Engineers and our partners around the world.

The new LiveTrek M1 is one of the first trackers in the world that has a extremely strong magnet allowing the tracker to stick under the car, and a highly sensitive GPS antenna that allows it to find GPS signal even when covered under layers of metal.

While designing the LiveTrek M1 we thought to ourselves what we could possibly add to make this the ultimate portable tracker?
The answers from our research were simple, add a trigger to the tracker so if it's removed without authorisation, the onwer would know. On the other hand,  add a battery powerful enough to last to up and over one year and send the owner a text if the power was running low so he could charge it up again.

With the ideas above we also added in Geo-Fencing and G-Sensor so the owner would also know if his vehicle has just been in an accident or has driven out of town when it's not suppose to.

We are currently in final stages of testing our LiveTrek M1 and will be available Q1 of 2013.
Feel free to contact us at for more information or if you would like to become our agent.