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GPS Video Monitoring

Want to know where a vehicle is or has been? Record down scenes of accidents with all details as well as get real time video images. DVR_web Lintek has a line of GPS digital video recorders available and has the worlds only USB enabled vehicle camera. USB gives you the benefit of expanding your recording hours by ways of more storage space. With Lintek’s range of GPS camera solutions you will be able to record down accidents and have full detailed evidence of where, when and how it happened. This can benefit many including taxis and the Police force. On top of it all, Lintek also provides a range of GPS cameras to suit the needs of businesses and personal usage. We have Vehicle GPS cameras that include live updates showing where the vehicle is and can send real time images from inside the vehicle. We also have GPS digital video recorders for buses built into monitor that show live streamed advertisements. So for whatever needs one would require we will have a full solution available when it comes to GPS camera devices.


  • Safety – passengers in taxis behave when they are being recorded
  • Full evidence of accidents and events
  • Good advertisement for businesses
  • Extra profit for bus companies – by way of advertisement
  • Live image feed of offending passengers
  • Efficiency – Employees know they are being recorded