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Fleet Management

Manage your fleet like never before. Get notified about every Warrant of fitness, service, registration, due right down to the driver license’s expiry date for each vehicle and driver. Fleet mgmt Our fleet management system insures that work for the company is minimised when it comes to managing a fleet of bikes, cars and trucks. At Lintek, we believe making things simple increases productivity and efficiency. We understand spending a whole day making sure all cars are up to date with its warrant of fitness and services can be rather boring, especially when you’ll have to follow up with the drivers afterwards. This is why we’ve made things easy for you and your company. With Lintek’s GeoTrek online platform we will be able to make life a little less difficult. GeoTrek can manage and notify the company of each vehicle when its service, warrant of fitness, or registration is due. To put things up a notch, it will even notify the company when the employee’s driver license is due for renewal giving you peace of mind that your fleet is managed efficiently. As an option GeoTrek may notify you when a vehicle is about to arrive. So whether it’s a truck needing to off load its goods as soon as possible or an important client that you would greet on the front door GeoTrek gives you the solutions to tracking your company’s needs. Lintek however, does not stop there, if your company needs more solutions in its management in fleets. We will be more than willing to customise to improve your efficiency one step further.


  • Makes sure all employees drive legally
  • Cost effective – employee will have more time to do other tasks
  • Vehicles stay under warranty – vehicle serviced within the mileage set by the warranty book
  • Reports of mileages, where they drive mostly
  • Makes sure vehicles do not get driven out of area
  • Notifies when a vehicle is near to give time for preparation
  • Eliminate unwanted fines – expired WOF
  • Increase efficiency & productivity