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Asset Tracking

Track down real time locations of your assets anytime and anywhere from most internet ready devices. Asset tracking Our simple asset tracking solutions insures you full control over your valued assets as well as your employees. It is well researched that a company with tracked vehicles improve productivity and efficiency. So whether it’s your scooter rental business or your heavy machineries we will provide the most affordable solutions for your needs. With our asset trackers, you can choose certain types of GPS tracking devices that suit you. The basic type sends you a simple Google map link of the location directly to your mobile phone which is perfect for rental companies of all sorts. While the other type gives you full real time tracking showing you the exact location and time of where the asset has been and much more. Of course, at Lintek our GPS tracking devices don’t just track. If you happen to run an ATV or Boating business and one of your products fitted with our GPS device happens to flip over. Our device will send a distress signal within a split second to let you know of its gravitational changes. This will insure that you attend the scene as soon as possible if an accident has occurred.


There are many benefits depending on the type of business, but here are some common ones:
  • Keeping your assets safe from being stolen and lost
  • Increase efficiency within the fleet – knowing locations of each vehicle
  • Increase productivity – employee knowing they would be checked on
  • Cost savings on petrol – knowing the nearest service vehicle
  • Improved driving behaviour – Our vehicle trackers can notify you of any speeding offences
  • Improve accuracy on time sheets – with our GeoTrek online platform, logs can be downloaded
  • Attend accidents almost immediately – if a ATV bike flips, time can cost lives