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Lintek Tracking Solutions

is a 100% NZ owned company that provides world class leading technology when it comes to Tracking and Digital Vehicle Recording (DVR) devices. Our goal is to provide Solutions for all your Tracking needs utilising GPS and Radio Frequency Technology. Tracking from keys to mobile phones, wallets to luggage, pets to loved ones, and vehicle fleets to boats, we are simply one of the most advanced tracking solutions provider in the market today. Lintek is also one of the largest NZTA Approved Taxi Camera suppliers in New Zealand.

With knowledge and imagination we designed our GPS trackers to track more than you can imagine. Not only do we track locations of each vehicle, we can also track which employee is currently driving or which trailer is being towed with RF ID Technology. If an employee has been drinking, Lintek’s GPS Alcohol breathalyser can even help notify the employer. At Lintek our GPS tracking systems are unique. We can add multiple applications to suit your personal and business needs. Our GPS Facial Recognition System is one of the many unique applications we provide right down to temperature measurements of each vehicle specially designed for temperature sensitive materials that are being delivered.
Furthermore, our GPS products are used by multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical companies overseas such as ProPharma , an industry leader providing validation, compliance and technical services to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical related industries. The reason for this is simple, we only use the best and pride ourselves in sticking with Made In Taiwan quality. All our GPS devices uses mainly German, Japan and Italian components carefully put together in International qualified and recognised plants where Lintek R&D Engineers are taught to be creative and innovative. Lintek Engineers in New Zealand would then test the final products before they are put on the market. Lastly, Lintek also supplies wholesalers and retailers with Lintek Radio Frequency Trek series devices. Our small Radio Frequency tracking devices help prevent wallets, mobile phones and pets from getting lost or stolen. This is why at Lintek, we mean it when we say, “You name it, We track it!”
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